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Discover new possibilities 

for solving tasks, 

problems and planning. 

Add new positive energy,

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What can I help you with?

I will move you to a better level in these areas

New ways of working

Implementation of new ways of working

Deployment of modern and efficient ways of working in the company. From agile teams to TOP management. From basic Scrum and Kanban processes, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology, to Scaled Agile within the entire company (LeSS, SAFe, Agile@Scale). Connecting business, finance, marketing, IT... A Harvard University study was written about the transformation, where I was Head Agile Coach. If you're already working with modern elements, get independent insight and recommendations for improvement. Don't repeat common mistakes.

Stress-free planning and delivery

Mentoring and supervision

Have you implemented new Scrum, Kanban, OKR and agile working methods in your company and in your team? Give your Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners and Leaders, mentoring and supervision.

I will oversee the correct work procedures and help you achieve better results. 

Education and training

Learn new ways of working

What exactly is Agile, Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, SAFe, OKR (Objectives and Key Results)? I will teach and explain to you the basics of modern ways of working, agile culture and philosophy. Together we will go through the basic processes and roles at the team level. Who is the Product Owner, Scrum Master? What is the role of management. Right down to the basics of company-wide frameworks. Training tailored to your situation and needs.


Facilitation and team coaching

Are you planning a company or team event? Do you need to find a common language or a definition of goals and a way to solve them? I will help you with that. 

End of fighting, end of boring meetings, let's shake it up together.


Lectures and presentations

Are you organising a conference or a company event? How about learning about Agile implementation? Why do CEOs embark on transformations and the adventure called Agile? How such a transformation takes place and what problems will arise in it. I would love to perform at your event.


Mental Coaching

Are you dealing with a major work or personal decision? Are you facing challenging tasks and problems? Let's break it down. A different point of view and coaching techniques will help you find solutions.

Sample presentation

Others can be found on YouTube

Achieved certifications

It is good to know, that you are working with a professional with international experience and education.

I follow the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation


I will be glad, if you contact me

For further cooperation, help with transformation, new ways of working, mentoring, supervision, lectures at conferences, corporate events. For facilitation, coaching, just send a message.

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+420 733 674 860